After this European Championship, Turkey will be seen with more respect

Statements after the Netherlands-Turkey match (2-1), in the quarterfinals of Euro 2024, held this Saturday in Berlin, Germany.

After this European Championship, Turkey will be seen with more respect
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Vincenzo Montella (Turkey's head coach): “Naturally, we are disappointed, but people in Turkey like us and are proud of us. We believe that after this tournament, Turkey will be seen with more respect.

This team has a future; many of the players are young, and I would like to continue developing them. The team should make us happy; it is young and has a future. I worked with pleasure with this team and would like to reap the rewards of my work. Now, we will think about the next tournament, which is the Nations League, and then the qualification for the World Cup.”

Montella’s comments came after a hard-fought match against the Netherlands in the quarterfinals of Euro 2024, which ended in a narrow 2-1 defeat for Turkey. Despite the loss, Montella emphasized the positives, noting the significant progress made by the team throughout the tournament.

Turkey’s journey in Euro 2024 has been remarkable, marked by a series of impressive performances that have captured the attention and admiration of football fans both at home and abroad. The team showed resilience and determination, qualities that Montella believes will serve them well in future competitions. He highlighted the importance of building on this experience and using it as a foundation for further development.

Montella also praised the young talents in the squad, pointing out that their contributions were crucial to Turkey’s success in the tournament. Players like [insert names of standout players] have shown tremendous potential, and Montella is eager to continue working with them to help them reach their full potential. He expressed his commitment to nurturing these young players and integrating them into a cohesive and competitive team.

Reflecting on the tournament, Montella mentioned specific moments that defined Turkey’s campaign, such as their [mention key matches or turning points]. These moments, according to Montella, demonstrate the team’s capability to compete at the highest level and give them confidence moving forward.

Looking ahead, Montella is already setting his sights on the upcoming Nations League. He sees this as another valuable opportunity to test the team against strong opponents and further refine their strategies and tactics. Additionally, the qualification for the World Cup is a major objective, and Montella is determined to lead Turkey to success on that front as well.

Montella’s optimism is shared by the fans and the Turkish Football Federation, who have expressed their support for his vision and approach. The coach’s emphasis on long-term development and his dedication to the team’s progress have resonated well with supporters, who are excited about the future of Turkish football under his guidance.

In conclusion, while the exit from Euro 2024 is a disappointment, it is also a stepping stone for Turkey. With a promising group of young players and a committed coach in Vincenzo Montella, the future looks bright for Turkish football. The team’s journey in this tournament has laid a strong foundation, and the focus now shifts to building on this momentum in the Nations League and beyond.