Barça director Deco sends a clear signal following rumors about Xavi

Barcelona director Deco is not planning to change Xavi Hernández's mind following his earlier decision to leave the club. The Portuguese responded to rumors about a possible new deal with Xavi.

Barça director Deco sends a clear signal following rumors about Xavi
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Deco further emphasized the importance of stability and focus at Barcelona amidst the ongoing discussions about Xavi's future. He pointed out that the team must remain undistracted by external rumors, especially with critical matches on the horizon.

"Our priority is to ensure that the team is fully prepared and mentally focused for these crucial fixtures," he stated. This strategic focus is particularly crucial given Barcelona's aspirations to secure significant victories in both domestic and European competitions.

He also reflected on the dynamics of team leadership during Xavi's absence, praising Oscar Hernández for stepping up effectively. "Oscar has shown great capability in managing the team in Xavi's absence. It’s a testament to the strength and depth of our coaching staff," Deco added. This acknowledgment highlights the seamless transition and adaptability of Barcelona's coaching staff, ensuring that the team's performance remains consistent, regardless of the situation.

As for Xavi's potential departure, Deco reiterated that any decision would respect the personal and professional considerations of Xavi himself. "We respect Xavi’s decisions about his career. As a club, our role is to support him while also planning for the future," he explained. This approach underscores Barcelona's commitment to maintaining a supportive environment for all its members, balancing individual career paths with the overall goals of the club.

Looking ahead, Deco outlined the strategic preparations for the upcoming matches against Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid. "These games are more than just high-stakes matches; they are opportunities for us to demonstrate our progress and unity as a team under challenging circumstances," he conveyed. The success in these games could significantly influence Barcelona's season trajectory and also serve as a crucial morale booster for the team and its supporters.

In conclusion, while the rumors about Xavi continue to circulate, Deco’s comments reflect a broader focus on the immediate objectives of the team, emphasizing preparation, teamwork, and strategic execution as the cornerstones for the remaining season. This perspective not only aligns with the professional ethos of the club but also with the pragmatic approach needed to navigate through the uncertainties of high-level football.