Bayern desires Xavi Simons, but the deal is around the same value paid for Harry Kane

The Dutch footballer wants to leave PSG, and the Bavarians already know how much they will have to pay to sign him.

Bayern desires Xavi Simons, but the deal is around the same value paid for Harry Kane
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Present at Euro 2024, playing for the Netherlands national team, Xavi Simons, according to the French press, wants to leave Paris Saint-Germain, the club with which he has a contract until 2027.

After having represented Leipzig on loan from PSG this season, the 21-year-old playmaker may continue playing in Germany next season, but for a different team. His impressive performances in the Bundesliga have attracted significant attention, making him a hot prospect for top European clubs.

According to Bild, Bayern Munich is "eager" to sign the Dutch footballer. However, the deal would be around 95 million euros with PSV Eindhoven, the player's former club, receiving a share an amount the Bavarians spent to acquire the English striker Harry Kane from Tottenham last summer. This significant fee highlights Simons' value and potential, but also presents a substantial financial hurdle.

Bayern's interest in Simons stems from their desire to reinforce their midfield with a versatile and dynamic player who can contribute both offensively and defensively. Simons, known for his creativity, vision, and ability to control the tempo of the game, fits the profile perfectly. His youth and potential for growth make him an attractive long-term investment for the German champions.

However, the high transfer fee complicates the negotiations. Bayern Munich, despite their financial prowess, must carefully consider the impact of such an investment, especially given their recent expenditure on Kane. Additionally, they face competition from other top clubs who have also been monitoring Simons' situation closely.

The involvement of PSV Eindhoven in the deal adds another layer of complexity. As part of the transfer, PSV would be entitled to a share of the fee, a condition that reflects Simons' developmental years at the Dutch club and their investment in his early career. This clause is typical in modern football transactions but requires precise negotiation to satisfy all parties involved.

In this scenario, Xavi Simons' transfer to the German giant does not seem easy at all. While Bayern Munich's interest is genuine and strong, the financial and logistical challenges are significant. Simons' future remains uncertain as PSG, Bayern, and potentially other suitors navigate the intricate process of securing his services for the upcoming seasons. Fans and pundits alike will be keenly watching how this transfer saga unfolds, given the young talent's promising trajectory and the high stakes involved for all clubs concerned.