Carragher hits back after Guardiola's jibe about missing a league title

Pep Guardiola stirred things up with his prediction that Manchester City will become champions for the fourth consecutive time. The Spanish manager brought up the honors list of Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville in his narrative, which has elicited a response from the Liverpool icon.

Carragher hits back after Guardiola's jibe about missing a league title
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Carragher and Neville, as pundits, have a significant influence on public opinion in England. Guardiola, during his press talk ahead of the Premier League match against Aston Villa, was asked about their opinion. 

Following the 3-3 draw with Tottenham Hotspur, they had expressed doubts about the hunger of Guardiola's team after winning the treble, but the Spaniard is confident his team will be champions again.

'I have nothing to say about the pundits,' Guardiola began, only to then address the statements of the Sky Sports analysts. 'Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think it's complacency. I know the players, their attitude is exemplary. I see how my team fights, how they press, how they keep going until the end and how upset they are with a goal against. Maybe I'm wrong and they see things I don't, but I don't feel that way.'

Guardiola couldn't resist comparing the playing careers of Neville and Carragher, who never won a league title with Liverpool. 'Gary Neville knows how hard it is, otherwise, he would have won the Premier League four times in a row during Manchester United's heyday (it was three times in a row, ed.). But he didn't manage that. Jamie Carragher never won it once. Micah Richards never won the Premier League four times in a row.'

Carragher, previously reminded by David Luiz of the absence of a league title in his honors list, countered Guardiola's statements with a sharp retort about City's situation. 'I think I would have won one if Liverpool was owned by a state and stretched the rules so much that the Premier League filed 115 charges,' said the former defender, adding that he was actually positive about City on Sunday.