Davies causes a puzzle: 'Even opponents are amazed by it'

What's going on with Alphonso Davies? The Bayern Munich left-back has been a shadow of his former self lately and also fell below par in the Champions League match against Arsenal.

Davies causes a puzzle: 'Even opponents are amazed by it'
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In the first leg, Bayern managed to keep Arsenal in check (2-2). Der Rekordmeister could reflect on a good game, but the same couldn't be said for Davies.

The Canadian had a difficult evening against Bukayo Saka. The star player of the Premier League leaders got the better of Davies time and again.

Max Eberl observed this too, but Bayern's sporting director wasn't alarmed. "Phonzy initially had problems with Saka, but so would other defenders. In the second half, he was much more stable," Eberl attempted to somewhat defend the left-back. "But I don't know why he hasn't been as good in the past few weeks."

The Future of Davies

In Germany, the discussion has turned to Davies's future, which remains uncertain. The player has been flirting with a potential move to Real Madrid for months. Davies is reportedly demanding twenty million euros a year from Bayern, but the club finds this amount excessive. The Bundesliga's second-place team is willing to go up to fourteen million euros and has set an ultimatum.

Bild reports that even opponents are amazed by Davies's form, who was recently asked about his future in his home country. He chose to remain silent. However, his agent did not. "It's not fair that Alphonso is being attacked," said Nick Huoseh. "A year ago, we almost had an agreement, then the club management changed.

"We didn't hear anything for seven months," Huoseh continued. "While I tried to make contact with the club during that time. Now we are given an ultimatum and have to respond within two weeks because the club is under pressure and took a long time to restructure its management? That's not fair."