Fan sentenced to three years in prison for launching pyrotechnics in stadium

It happened five months ago, during a match between Augsburg and Hoffenheim.

Fan sentenced to three years in prison for launching pyrotechnics in stadium
Photo Source: Getty Images

A 28-year-old supporter, who had been held in pretrial detention, received a three-year prison sentence this Monday, following an incident that occurred five months ago during a match between Augsburg and Hoffenheim (1-1) in Germany.

The defendant faced charges of causing serious bodily harm and has now been found guilty. According to Judge Christoph Kern, the nature of the offense went beyond typical pyrotechnic usage. It was characterized as an "incident involving large-scale explosives," which led to widespread panic among the 26,000 spectators present at the Augsburg stadium.

The repercussions of the incident were severe, with many individuals sustaining injuries and experiencing emotional distress. The deliberate act of deploying such devices in a crowded stadium posed a significant risk to public safety and resulted in a breach of trust among football fans and authorities alike.

In addition to the primary defendant, three other individuals were implicated in the case and received suspended prison sentences for their involvement. These individuals, identified as supporters of Hoffenheim by the magazine "Kicker," were deemed complicit in the incident.

The verdict sends a strong message regarding the serious consequences of such reckless behavior within sporting venues. It underscores the importance of maintaining a safe and secure environment for all spectators and emphasizes the need for strict enforcement of regulations to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.