Felipe reveals messages he received after grabbing Bruno Fernandes' neck

The former FC Porto center-back, currently at Nottingham Forest under Nuno Espírito Santo, grabbed the neck of the Portuguese midfielder in the final moments of the match against Manchester United, in the round of 16 of the FA Cup, which they lost 0-1.

Felipe reveals messages he received after grabbing Bruno Fernandes' neck
Photo Source: Getty Images

Felipe, the former FC Porto center-back who now showcases his skills for Nottingham Forest under the guidance of Nuno Espírito Santo, found himself at the center of controversy following a heated incident with Bruno Fernandes.

This incident occurred during the closing moments of a tense match against Manchester United in the FA Cup round of 16, from which Nottingham Forest was subsequently eliminated with a 0-1 defeat.

In a moment that sparked widespread debate, Felipe was seen grabbing Bruno Fernandes by the neck, an action that, surprisingly, did not lead to any immediate sanction from the referee against the Brazilian defender. However, the absence of an on-field penalty did not shield Felipe from facing a barrage of criticism off the pitch, particularly on social media platforms, where the reaction from fans was swift and severe.

The backlash was characterized by a flood of messages directed at Felipe, many of which crossed the line of sportsmanship and decency. Taking to Instagram, Felipe himself chose to shed light on the nature of the "affectionate" messages he received in the aftermath of the incident. Among the comments shared were outright insults, including being called a "Monkey," and others that criticized his actions during the game, such as "Squeezing Bruno's neck won't make you win," "Bruno is your father," "This isn't WWE," "Don't you dare touch Bruno like that," and "What you did to Bruno is shameful."

This reveal by Felipe highlights the intense scrutiny and pressure athletes face in the modern era, where moments of on-field aggression can quickly escalate into personal attacks and widespread condemnation on digital platforms. The incident and its fallout serve as a stark reminder of the fine line between passionate competition and unacceptable behavior, both on the field and in the court of public opinion.