Financially troubled Barcelona records over 300 million euros in profit

The financial situation of Barcelona is worrisome, as is well known. However, the Spanish top club presented annual figures on Thursday that appear quite positive at first glance. The Blaugrana report a total net profit of 304 million euros for the 2022/23 season.

Financially troubled Barcelona records over 300 million euros in profit
Photo Source: Getty Images

The revenues are astonishingly high: 1.26 billion euros for the past season, with costs not much lower at 1.17 billion. To calculate the total profit, other income streams have been included, which are not entirely known, but on the revenue side, the club gives a glimpse. 

The club is set to sell 15% of its television rights for LaLiga matches and has included an amount of 400 million euros for that.

Spanish media report a reasonable step forward for the club. This is primarily due to enormous growth in sponsorship income and merchandise sales. Barça expects to remain in the black for the current football season, but due to reduced revenues, the forecast will amount to a modest figure of eleven million euros.

These revenues are lower because a significant amount of matchday revenue is lost. The massive Camp Nou is under construction, and as a result, Barcelona is playing this season in the Olympic Stadium where the 1992 Olympics were held. This home ground, colloquially known as Estadio de Montjuïc, can accommodate 'only' 56,000 spectators.