Guardiola wants to share the award for best manager with his rivals in the title race

Pep Guardiola has been named Premier League Manager of the Season for the fifth time. The Spaniard would like to share this award with some of his rivals.

Guardiola wants to share the award for best manager with his rivals in the title race
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Manchester City secured their fourth consecutive Premier League title last weekend. This is unique, as no other club has ever achieved this before.

The championship earned Guardiola an additional award: Manager of the Season. "I want to share it, yes," he said on the Premier League channels. "Especially with Mikel (Arteta), because he did fantastic work up to the last matchday. He pushed us to our limit."

Guardiola praised Arteta, his former assistant at Manchester City, for his exceptional management at Arsenal. Under Arteta's leadership, Arsenal remained strong contenders throughout the season, demonstrating tactical acumen and resilience that kept the title race thrilling until the very end. "Mikel has been outstanding. His commitment and vision for Arsenal have brought the best out of his team," Guardiola noted.

Guardiola also wants to share the award with Jürgen Klopp. The German manager was on the sidelines for Liverpool for the last time against Wolverhampton Wanderers this past Sunday. "We have had unforgettable clashes over the past few years," Guardiola remarked, highlighting the intense and memorable matches between City and Liverpool. "Jürgen's teams are always formidable opponents. His passion and dedication to Liverpool have set high standards in the Premier League."

Additionally, Unai Emery, who led Aston Villa to the Champions League, deserves recognition. "He did something incredible by bringing Aston Villa back to the Champions League," stated Guardiola. Emery took over a struggling Villa side and transformed them into a competitive force, securing a top-four finish and a coveted Champions League spot. "Unai's tactical intelligence and ability to inspire his players have been remarkable. Aston Villa's resurgence under his guidance is a testament to his managerial prowess," Guardiola added.

Lastly, Guardiola mentioned a surprising name. "Andoni Iraola, in his first Premier League season with Bournemouth, made a strong comeback after a difficult start to the season." The Cherries finished twelfth in the Premier League. Iraola's impact at Bournemouth was significant, as he managed to steer the team away from relegation concerns and secure a respectable mid-table finish. "Andoni has done a fantastic job with Bournemouth. His ability to adapt and turn things around after a challenging beginning is commendable. He deserves recognition for his efforts and achievements," Guardiola commented.

Guardiola's inclusive approach in acknowledging the contributions of his peers underscores his respect for the competitive nature of the Premier League and his appreciation for the work done by other managers. It reflects a broader perspective on the collaborative efforts needed to maintain high standards and excitement in the league.