How Mac Allister and Salah try to get under Van Dijk's skin

Virgil van Dijk appears unruffled. In the Liverpool dressing room, the captain of The Reds is regularly tested by teammates Alexis Mac Allister and Mohamed Salah. 'We try to drive him crazy.'

How Mac Allister and Salah try to get under Van Dijk's skin
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Liverpool's journey in the FA Cup took a significant step forward as they clinched their spot in the quarter-finals, a testament to the team's cohesion and talent.

Amidst this competitive success, Alexis Mac Allister, in a candid chat with Dsports, shed light on the camaraderie and playful dynamics within the Liverpool dressing room, particularly involving Virgil van Dijk, the formidable Dutch defender.

The narrative takes an intriguing turn with Mac Allister revealing how he and Mohamed Salah, Liverpool's Egyptian superstar, engage in playful banter aimed at Van Dijk. This jesting stems from the Netherlands' exit from the World Cup in Qatar, a topic that, while sensitive, has become fodder for light-hearted teasing among the players. The Argentine World Champion Mac Allister uses the incident involving Lionel Messi's sharp retort to Dutch player Wout Weghorst during the World Cup - "Qué miras, bobo? Anda para allá, bobo!" which translates to "What are you looking at, idiot? Go over there, idiot!" - as a recurring joke within the team.

This phrase, which captured global attention during the World Cup for its directness and Messi's fiery emotion, has been playfully adopted by Mac Allister and Salah in their interactions with Van Dijk, symbolizing a form of affectionate ribbing that seems to permeate the Liverpool dressing room. According to Mac Allister, this banter is all in good fun and even extends beyond Van Dijk, with the players using the phrase among themselves, showcasing the tight-knit and jovial atmosphere within the squad.

Van Dijk's response to this teasing is described as gentlemanly, a testament to his character and the mutual respect among teammates. Mac Allister's anecdotes highlight not only the competitive spirit of the Liverpool team but also the warmth and camaraderie that exists off the pitch. This balance of professionalism and personal connection among players like Van Dijk, Salah, Mac Allister, and Cody Gakpo contributes to a positive team environment, fostering unity and strength as they navigate the challenges of domestic and international competitions.

The story encapsulates the unique blend of competitive edge and camaraderie that defines Liverpool's dressing room, offering fans a glimpse into the personal interactions that contribute to the team's chemistry and success on the field.