I propose to the current club management that we speak with José Mourinho together

The candidate for the presidency of Fenerbahçe wants José Mourinho at the Turkish club, regardless of the election results.

I propose to the current club management that we speak with José Mourinho together
Photo Source: Getty Images

The candidate for the presidency of Fenerbahçe, Aziz Yildirim, announced today that he wants to propose a contract to the Portuguese coach José Mourinho to manage the Turkish football team next season.

"I propose to the current club management that we speak with José Mourinho together. Together, we will convince him to become the new coach of our team, regardless of the results of the elections on June 9," said Yildirim in a press conference.

Yildirim, who already led the club between 1998 and 2018, said he has already met with the Portuguese coach, who has been without a club since being dismissed by Roma, but denied that they discussed details of a possible contract.

"I told him [Mourinho], 'Fenerbahçe needs you and you need Fenerbahçe,'" said Aziz Yildirim, adding, "Rest assured, he is not going to Saudi Arabia; he doesn't need the money."

According to the daily Sporx, Yildirim is said to have promised the Portuguese coach, who has managed, among others, FC Porto, Inter, Chelsea, and Real Madrid, a contract worth 100 million euros. This lucrative offer reflects the club's ambition to bring in a high-profile manager capable of leading them to new heights.

Fenerbahçe, which has been managed by the Portuguese coaches Vítor Pereira and Jorge Jesus in the past, currently occupies second place in the Turkish League, a competition they have not won in 10 years. The club is eager to break this decade-long title drought and believes that Mourinho's extensive experience and winning mentality could be the key to achieving this goal.

Yildirim’s proposal is part of a broader strategy to rejuvenate the club and restore its status as a dominant force in Turkish football. Mourinho’s potential arrival has generated significant excitement among Fenerbahçe fans, who are hopeful that the "Special One" can replicate his past successes and bring much-needed silverware to the club.

If Mourinho accepts the offer, it would mark a significant chapter in his illustrious career, adding Turkish football to his diverse managerial portfolio. Known for his tactical prowess and ability to win major trophies, Mourinho could provide the strategic direction and leadership that Fenerbahçe needs to compete both domestically and in European competitions.

The upcoming election on June 9 will determine whether Yildirim’s vision for the club will come to fruition. Regardless of the election outcome, his commitment to securing a top-tier coach like Mourinho underscores his dedication to Fenerbahçe’s future success.