If Guardiola asks me to be his assistant, I will go on foot

Wayne Rooney is now a coach and highlights the qualities of the Spaniard.

If Guardiola asks me to be his assistant, I will go on foot
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Wayne Rooney, recently relieved of his managerial duties at Birmingham, has openly expressed his eagerness to work alongside Pep Guardiola, should the opportunity arise.

Speaking on the Stick to Football podcast, the former England international and Manchester United star held nothing back in his admiration for the Manchester City manager. Rooney's willingness to "walk there" if asked to be Guardiola's assistant underscores his deep respect for Guardiola's prowess as a coach.

Rooney highlighted Guardiola's adaptability and tactical evolution as key attributes that set him apart as "the best coach." He noted the significant changes in Manchester City's playing style under Guardiola's stewardship over the past four years, illustrating the Spaniard's ability to innovate and stay ahead in the highly competitive world of football.

Furthermore, Rooney pointed to Mikel Arteta's success at Arsenal as evidence of Guardiola's influence. Arteta, who served as an assistant coach under Guardiola before taking the helm at Arsenal, has implemented a style and strategy that Rooney believes bear the hallmark of Guardiola's mentorship. This acknowledgment from Rooney not only speaks to Guardiola's direct impact on his coaching staff but also to his indirect influence on the broader coaching landscape in football.

Rooney's coaching career, although still in its early stages, has been marked by notable experiences. Starting at Derby County, he faced significant challenges, including financial issues and relegation battles. His tenure in the United States with DC United also provided him with a broader perspective on the game and the opportunity to develop his coaching philosophy. Despite the ups and downs of his early managerial career, Rooney's ambition and willingness to learn from one of the best in the business reflect his dedication to football and his desire to evolve as a coach.

The prospect of Rooney, with his rich playing history and emerging coaching credentials, teaming up with Guardiola, a figure renowned for his tactical genius and success across Europe's top leagues, is an intriguing one. It highlights the respect and admiration that exists between professionals in the sport, transcending competitive rivalries and focusing on the shared pursuit of footballing excellence.