Leverkusen impresses: more shots than opponent's ball possession

It is now clear that Bayer Leverkusen is having a fairy-tale season, yet under the leadership of Xavi Alonso, the club managed to astonish the football world once again in the match against West Ham United. Against the Premier League's seventh-ranked team, Leverkusen was Dominant with a capital D.

Leverkusen impresses: more shots than opponent's ball possession
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It was only in the latter stages of the match that Bayer Leverkusen clinched their victory with late strikes from Jonas Hofmann and Victor Boniface.

This was a fitting end for the German side, who, despite their earlier dominance, had struggled to capitalize on numerous opportunities. It seemed almost miraculous that their overwhelming control hadn't translated into more goals earlier in the game.

The statistical dominance of Leverkusen was so pronounced that it could have kept analysts busy all night. Playing at their home ground, the BayArena, Leverkusen not only amassed 76 touches in West Ham's penalty area but also controlled the match with a staggering 72.9 percent possession, overshadowing West Ham's mere 27.1 percent. In a striking display of their offensive might, Leverkusen had more shots on goal (33) than West Ham had in possession percentage, a testament to their aggressive and forward-thinking playstyle.

West Ham, on the other hand, managed only a single shot throughout the match, highlighting the defensive woes and the inability to break through Leverkusen's midfield and defensive setup. Every starting outfield player for Leverkusen had at least one shot on goal, showcasing a well-rounded team effort and tactical superiority.

The culmination of these efforts was a well-deserved 2-0 victory, which extended Leverkusen's unbeaten streak even further. The last time they faced defeat was on May 27, 2023, against VfL Bochum a match that still resonates as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of football. Since then, Leverkusen has not only rebounded but excelled, reaching new heights as they close in on a potential league title.

The anticipation within the team and among fans is palpable, as Leverkusen could be crowned Bundesliga champions as soon as the next weekend, a scenario that seemed improbable just a few seasons ago. However, the players and coaching staff are cautious, knowing well that a pivotal return match against West Ham in the European competition looms on the horizon. This match not only represents an opportunity to advance further in Europe but also to cement their status as a top European club.

In what could be a defining week for the club, Leverkusen looks to balance the thrill of a potential domestic title with the strategic focus required for international success. Their recent performances suggest they are well-prepared, but as the pressure mounts, the true test of their championship mettle will be how they manage these concurrent challenges.