'Little' Klaassen Criticized in Italy: 'Was the Major Discordant Note'

Davy Klaassen did not impress at Internazionale. The Dutchman started in the Champions League match against Benfica, but was singled out as the major discordant note by the Italian media.

'Little' Klaassen Criticized in Italy: 'Was the Major Discordant Note'
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Internazionale had a disastrous start and was 3-0 down in the first half. The match eventually ended in a 3-3 draw, and Klaassen was substituted after three-quarters of the game. The Italian branch of Eurosport gave him the lowest rating of all players, a 5. 'He was completely out of the game. There's not much more we can say about that.'

At Corriere della Sera, Klaassen received a 4.5, also the lowest rating of all. 'He was the major discordant note. Out of form, out of the game, and perhaps even out of his role. He lacks the operational speed for a midfielder.' Sky Sport also listed him among the worst Inter players of the evening, giving him a 5.

A 5 was also the rating given to him by Calcio Mercato. 'Usually, such a blond hairstyle in midfield helps to stand out, but even now he was invisible.' Virgilio Sport gave Kristjan Asllani an even lower rating (4.5), but also gave Klaassen a 5. 'Inzaghi trusted him, but he did not repay that. He is almost never dangerous with his insights. Tonight, we saw a small Klaassen.'

However, after the game, coach Simone Inzaghi refused to point fingers at individuals. 'I have twenty first-team players and I can count on all of them. It would have been easy to change four or five players at halftime, but the fault lay with the entire team and not with individual players.'