Manchester United has met with who is expected to be the new coach

Erik ten Hag may have his days numbered at the Red Devils.

Manchester United has met with who is expected to be the new coach
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Manchester United's ambitions for a significant overhaul next season are becoming increasingly evident as they gear up for a "revolution" that might see a sweeping change in both the squad and managerial positions.

Amidst speculation and reports from reputable sources such as "The Sun," the Red Devils are not just looking at player transfers but are also contemplating a significant shift in their coaching staff, signaling a potential end to Erik ten Hag's tenure at the club.

The whispers of change have been further fueled by reports that Dan Ashworth, who is poised to take over as Manchester United's next sporting director, has held secret discussions with Graham Potter, previously at the helm of Chelsea. This move is highly suggestive of the club's intentions to refresh their coaching lineup, casting doubt on Ten Hag's future with the team. The connection between Ashworth and Potter is not new; their professional relationship dates back to their collaborative efforts at Brighton, hinting at a possible reunion at Manchester United that could reshape the club's strategic and tactical approach.

This speculation comes against the backdrop of a somewhat turbulent season for Manchester United, marked by their premature exit from the Champions League, where they finished last in their group. Additionally, their current standing in the Premier League fifth place, trailing eight points behind the fourth position underscores the challenges the team has faced in maintaining consistency and competing at the highest levels domestically.

However, it's crucial to contextualize these developments within the broader narrative of Ten Hag's tenure. In his inaugural season with Manchester United, Ten Hag ushered in moments of promise and success, leading the team to win the English League Cup, secure a spot in the FA Cup final, and achieve a respectable third-place finish in the Premier League. These accomplishments highlight Ten Hag's capabilities and the potential impact of his coaching philosophy on the team's performance.

Despite these achievements, the looming changes suggest that Manchester United's management is keen on taking a new direction to realign the club with its long-term ambitions and restore its status as a dominant force in English and European football. The potential arrival of Graham Potter, coupled with a strategic overhaul of the squad, indicates a readiness to embrace change and tackle the challenges that have hindered the club's progress in recent seasons.

As the club stands at this crossroads, the decisions made in the coming months will be pivotal in shaping Manchester United's future trajectory, influencing not only their competitive fortunes but also the legacy of Erik ten Hag and the potential beginning of a new chapter under Graham Potter.