Mbappé avoids surgery and could be fit for the next match

The initial examinations conducted today on French international forward Kylian Mbappé were 'reassuring,' and the captain of Les Bleus will not need surgery on his nose, according to the French press.

Mbappé avoids surgery and could be fit for the next match
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According to L'Equipe, it was decided "not to proceed with any surgical intervention" on the French player, who was injured during Monday's match against Austria, in the first round of Group D of Euro 2024, which the French won 1-0.

Mbappé has already left the hospital in Düsseldorf, Germany, where he was examined, and he could be fit for Friday's match against the Netherlands, in the second round of the group, if the French medical staff so decide.

At the end of the match, the president of the French Football Federation (FFF), Philippe Diallo, also expressed optimism, stating that no operation would be necessary.

On the other hand, the French coach Didier Deschamps had shown concern. "Mbappé fractured his nose. Apparently, his nose is not in good shape at all, but we'll see. It is, of course, the dark spot of the night, even if it's just the nose," Deschamps said at the end, in a statement to TF1.

The author of the play that led to the only goal of the match in the 38th minute, crossing from the right for Maximilian Wüber's header into his own net, the 25-year-old forward was injured in the 86th minute after hitting his nose on the back of Austrian defender Kevin Danso.

Mbappé was left with a bleeding nose, left the field, and then re-entered without the referee's permission, which earned him a yellow card. He was eventually substituted by Olivier Giroud in the 90th minute.

France will play again on Friday, facing the Netherlands in the second round of Group D, scheduled for 9:00 PM local time (8:00 PM Lisbon time) in Leipzig.

World champion in 2018, runner-up in 2022 (in which he was the top scorer), and winner of the Nations League in 2021, Kylian Mbappé, 25 years old, earned his 80th cap for France on Monday, with a total of 47 goals.

Mbappé’s resilience and determination have always been standout traits in his career. Despite the injury scare, his quick return to potential match fitness is a testament to his physical condition and the medical team's efficiency. Fans and teammates alike are hopeful for his presence in the upcoming crucial match against the Netherlands. His leadership and skill on the field are indispensable, especially in high-stakes tournaments like Euro 2024.

This situation also underscores the importance of player safety and the rigorous medical protocols in place for professional athletes. The decision to avoid surgery reflects a careful consideration of Mbappé's overall health and the immediate needs of the team. As France aims to secure another victory, all eyes will be on Mbappé, not just for his performance, but also to see how well he has recovered from this recent setback.