Messi felt a lack of appreciation at PSG after winning the World Cup

Lionel Messi has been disappointed with the amount of recognition he has received at Paris Saint-Germain after winning the World Cup. The 36-year-old forward mentioned this during a conversation with the Argentine celebrity Miguel Garrados in an interview for the YouTube channel Olga.

Messi felt a lack of appreciation at PSG after winning the World Cup
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Messi closed the door on his two-season stint at PSG and departed for Inter Miami in the past summer. Reflecting on his time in Paris, disappointment prevails, as the left-footer admits. He had expected more from it. 'But I believe everything happens for a reason. 

I didn't feel great there, but during that time, I became a world champion,' said the legend who scored twice in the World Cup final against France, which they won on December 18th last year.

Due to the success in Qatar, Messi became even more immortal in Argentina than he already was. In the months that followed in France, he believes there should have been more appreciation. 'It's a fact that I'm the only player from the World Cup squad who hasn't received recognition,' he refers to the absence of any celebration or acknowledgment at his club.

In the same interview, Messi mentions that he feels completely at home in Miami, surrounded by many Latin Americans. In his surroundings, there are more emotions and warmth again. The characteristics that define Latin Americans were lacking in Paris, especially after the greatest success of his career. He has managed to come to terms with this disappointment: 'Ultimately, I could understand it as well. I was in a place where they didn't become world champions again because of us.'