Morata's wife outraged: 'Do they want to increase the hate against one person?'

Alice Campello with strong words after the flood of criticism directed at the Spanish forward.

Morata's wife outraged: 'Do they want to increase the hate against one person?'
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Álvaro Morata has been heavily criticized for his performances in the European Championship taking place in Germany, to the point where his wife, Alice Campello, expressed her indignation with a strong outburst on social media.

An article stating that the forward embarrasses the national team was the last straw. "I hate playing the victim and creating more controversy, but this doesn't seem normal to me, sorry. Is it normal? The only thing I see as low-level is being a journalist, having studied for it, and writing such a headline when Spain is one day away from playing a semifinal. I'm amazed that instead of trying to encourage a national team player, they try to bring him down... how do you think a person can give their best for their country when they feel that people don't believe in them? What do you want with this headline? To increase the hate against one person? Congratulations, everyone can have their opinion and is free to express it, but there are ways and ways of saying things, especially when you're a journalist and have so much power to influence young people's thoughts. Is this what we want? We need to be better people and not normalize this kind of thing, whether it's with Álvaro or someone else," she wrote.

"Not to mention that these players have mothers, fathers, wives, children who have to endure these absurdities... this newspaper article is just one example of thousands of daily absurdities. We need to think before speaking, putting ourselves in the other's place. I repeat: everyone is free to say what they think, but not to offend," she concluded.

Morata's struggles on the field have been a significant talking point throughout the tournament. Despite his efforts, the forward has only managed to score one goal in five games, leading to a wave of criticism from fans and media alike. This scrutiny has not only affected Morata but also his family, prompting Alice Campello to publicly defend her husband.

The pressure on Morata is immense as Spain prepares to face France in the first semifinal of Euro 2024, scheduled to start at 8:00 PM this Tuesday. This match is crucial for both teams, and the performance of key players like Morata will be under intense observation.

Alice Campello’s outburst highlights the emotional toll that such public criticism can have on players and their families. Her plea for more compassionate and supportive journalism resonates with many who believe that constructive criticism should not cross into personal attacks. As the tournament progresses, the focus remains on whether Morata can overcome these challenges and help lead his team to victory.