Mourinho eyes Saudi Arabia after receiving a multimillion-dollar offer

Giovanni Becali assures that the Portuguese coach has an offer from a club that has been promoted to the first division.

Mourinho eyes Saudi Arabia after receiving a multimillion-dollar offer
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José Mourinho may be considering coaching a club in Saudi Arabia. This is confirmed by Giovanni Becali, a former Romanian agent, who met with the Portuguese coach after a charity match in Bucharest.

"He has an offer of €150 million from a Saudi Arabian club that has been promoted to the first division. He has already met with them, but he doesn't want to go this year because the club doesn't have a stadium yet, and he wants to bring in 10 or 12 players," he revealed.

Even so, Becali assured that Mourinho is considering the offer very seriously.

"He would stay for four or five years, with the goal of becoming a champion. He would prefer to sign now and act as an advisor for a year. He has been on the phone constantly, unsure of what to decide," he concluded.

José Mourinho has been linked by some foreign media to Al Qadisiya, a club associated with Aramco, the Saudi Arabian oil company, which secured promotion to the first division this year. Al Qadisiya's promotion marks a significant achievement for the club, and securing a high-profile manager like Mourinho could further bolster their ambitions in the top flight.

The €150 million offer reflects the growing financial power and ambition of Saudi Arabian football clubs, which have been attracting international talent to elevate the league's profile. Mourinho's potential involvement with Al Qadisiya would not only bring significant attention to the club but also enhance the league's competitiveness and global appeal.

Mourinho's decision is complicated by the club's current lack of a stadium and his desire to assemble a competitive squad. The prospect of signing now and serving as an advisor could provide him with the time needed to prepare for a more robust entry into Saudi Arabian football. This strategy could ensure that the necessary infrastructure and team are in place to support his championship aspirations.

The situation remains fluid, with Mourinho reportedly spending considerable time deliberating over the offer. His next move could have a substantial impact on his career and the future of Al Qadisiya, as well as on the broader landscape of football in Saudi Arabia.