NOS 'crosses the line' and offers apologies to Koeman

The NOS has apologized to national coach Ronald Koeman. The broadcaster placed a microphone in front of the coach during the international match against Ireland, which he was not pleased about. As a result, the NOS has made amends.

NOS 'crosses the line' and offers apologies to Koeman
Photo Source: Getty Images

The NOS informed the Algemeen Dagblad of this development. Although the action was within the rules, as the NOS is allowed to place the camera with a microphone there according to regulations, the broadcaster has reconsidered its action. The NOS admits to having crossed the line. “We shouldn’t have done that, and we have let the KNVB know,” a spokesperson stated.

The camera was certainly allowed to be there, but broadcasting the sound was not appropriate. The NOS, which agrees with this assessment, will therefore make a different decision in upcoming internationals if it again places a camera in that position near Koeman. “That's not top football, that makes no sense,” Koeman reacted irritably after the match against Ireland.

Kees Jansma understands both parties and believes that the middle ground, namely capturing the coach on camera, is sufficient for TV viewers. “Conversations of an active coach on the bench, who is making judgments and criticisms, should, in my opinion, be protected. Then you should leave out the sound,” said the former press officer of the Dutch national team.