Offside rule possibly set for changes following Wenger's suggestion

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) is considering modifying the offside rule to reduce the number of controversial decisions. The discussion about a potential rule change is a result of an idea put forward by Arsène Wenger.

Offside rule possibly set for changes following Wenger's suggestion
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The former successful manager of Arsenal currently serves as the Chief of Global Football Development at FIFA. Wenger is involved in the development of football, and one of the aspects he wants to change is the offside rule. His plan has now convinced the IFAB to reconsider the regulations, as reported by The Economic Times.

Currently, players are considered offside if any part of their body with which they can score is ahead of the second-to-last opponent at the time of the pass. Wenger wants to address this and make the rule easier to judge.

According to Wenger's proposal, a player would only be offside if their entire body is beyond the second-to-last opponent. This change could make it easier for video referees to assess contentious moments, and Wenger believes it would reduce points of contention regarding offside situations.

The IFAB is considering implementing the rule change from the next season. This could lead to a quicker resumption of play during VAR (video assistant referee) moments, according to the association's perspective.