Piers Morgan Provokes Ten Hag with Ronaldo Interview: 'It Proved He Was Right About Everything...'

Everything Cristiano Ronaldo told me a year ago about Manchester United and Erik Ten Hag has proven to be correct.

Piers Morgan Provokes Ten Hag with Ronaldo Interview: 'It Proved He Was Right About Everything...'
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Piers Morgan often uses social media to take a 'jab' at Manchester United and coach Ten Hag. A declared Arsenal fan, the journalist once again targeted the red devils this Tuesday, referring to the famous (and highly controversial) interview he conducted a year ago with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Recall that at the time, the Portuguese international, now at Al Nasr, spared no criticism of United and the coach, who was then his manager at the club. 'I have no respect for him because he did not respect me. If you don't show me respect, I won't respect you,' he said. He went on to reference Picasso, saying, 'It's necessary to destroy to rebuild, and if they want to start with me, for me there is no problem. I love Manchester United, the fans, who have always been by my side. But if they want something different... they have to change many, many things.'

He further commented on the club's direction, 'Sir Alex knows better than anyone that the club is not on the path it should be. He knows. Everyone knows. The people who can't see that... it's probably because they don't want to see or are blind. I don't know what's going on, but since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club, I see no kind of evolution in the club, the progression was zero.'

Cristiano Ronaldo also criticized the club's management decisions. 'For instance, how is it possible for a club like Manchester United to fire Ole [Solskjaer] and then bring in a sports director, Ralf Rangnick, something nobody can understand. This man isn't even a coach. For a big club like Manchester United to bring in a sports director is surprising to me, not just to me but everyone.'

He concluded by expressing his surprise at the lack of progress at the club. 'Nothing changed, the pool, the jacuzzi... even the gym. In terms of technology, in the kitchen, even the chefs, who are people I really like and appreciate. They are stuck in time and this surprises me. All this caught me by surprise because I was expecting to see different things, as I've said, in terms of infrastructure, technology... but unfortunately, I continue to see things that I saw when I was 23, 24 years old,' Cristiano Ronaldo emphatically stated in the interview.