Polish former striker thought, like Koeman, that there was a 'smokescreen' around Lewandowski

Ronald Koeman openly expressed his doubts about the severity of Robert Lewandowski's injury during his press conference on Wednesday. The national coach is not the only one with doubts, as there were also questions in Poland: did coach Michal Probierz intentionally create a smokescreen ahead of the upcoming Euro match on Sunday?

Polish former striker thought, like Koeman, that there was a 'smokescreen' around Lewandowski
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On Tuesday, the Polish Football Association announced that Lewandowski, due to a muscle injury sustained in the friendly match against Turkey, would not be able to play against the Netherlands.

According to Polish media, the 35-year-old Barcelona striker is indeed injured, and the medical staff is aiming for his participation in the second group match against Austria.

Former international Tomasz Frankowski, however, took this report with a grain of salt. "To be honest, knowing Probierz, I immediately thought it might be a smokescreen," said the 49-year-old former striker, who came on as a substitute against the Netherlands in 2000 and scored against NEC in the UEFA Cup matches with Wisla Krakow three years later, in a statement to TVP this morning.

Frankowski played under Probierz at Jagiellonia Bialystok during the latter stages of his career and is familiar with the Polish coach's tactics. "I thought that Lewandowski was slightly injured and that Probierz wanted to use this to make the Dutch think about how Poland would look without Robert. And then he would miraculously be recovered by Sunday."

Ronald Koeman also did not rule out such a scenario during his press conference on Wednesday afternoon. "I always have doubts," said the national coach about the possible absence of Lewandowski. "We are talking about a fantastic striker. His stats speak for themselves. Poland won two friendly matches. Winning builds confidence. We expect a strong Poland."

The speculation surrounding Lewandowski's injury adds an extra layer of intrigue to the upcoming match between Poland and the Netherlands. Lewandowski's presence or absence could significantly impact the dynamics of the game, and both teams are likely preparing for various scenarios.

Lewandowski, known for his prolific goal-scoring ability, is a crucial player for Poland. His potential absence has led to discussions on how the Polish team would adapt their strategy. Meanwhile, the Netherlands, aware of the threat posed by Lewandowski, is preparing for both possibilities facing Poland with or without their star striker.

As the match approaches, fans and analysts alike are closely watching for updates on Lewandowski's condition. The uncertainty keeps both camps on their toes, contributing to the anticipation and excitement leading up to the game. Poland's recent victories in friendly matches have boosted their confidence, and with or without Lewandowski, they aim to deliver a strong performance.

Koeman's cautious approach reflects the high stakes of the competition, where any advantage could prove decisive. As the tournament unfolds, the strategic mind games between coaches and the adaptability of the teams will be on full display, showcasing the complexities and nuances of international football at the highest level.