Premier League to be broadcast on free-to-air network again

Viaplay enters into a partnership with Talpa. Starting this Friday, various sports competitions will be broadcast on SBS9, which will henceforth continue as Viaplay TV. This includes Formula 1, darts, and matches from the Premier League and the Bundesliga.

Premier League to be broadcast on free-to-air network again
Photo Source: Getty Images

Viaplay's recent announcement marks a significant shift in how premier sporting events are delivered to Dutch audiences, with a series of high-profile Premier League matches scheduled for live broadcast on the newly rebranded Viaplay TV, previously known as SBS9.

The lineup includes eagerly awaited fixtures such as Fulham vs. Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur vs. Nottingham Forest, with Manchester City vs. Luton Town and Chelsea vs. Everton set to follow. This move represents a strategic expansion of Viaplay’s content accessibility, aiming to reach a wider audience by leveraging free-to-air television alongside its traditional streaming service.

Frans Klein, Director of Video at Talpa, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with Viaplay, highlighting the broad appeal of the selected sports and the quality of Viaplay's content portfolio. The collaboration is seen as a win-win for both entities, combining Talpa's extensive broadcast network with Viaplay’s rich catalog of sports, which includes Formula 1, darts, and international football, sports that command a significant following in the Netherlands. This initiative aligns with Talpa's mission to bring premium sports content to the Dutch public, enhancing the viewing experience for sports fans across the country.

Marco Zwaneveld of Viaplay Netherlands echoed this sentiment, viewing the partnership as a pivotal development for the channel. By introducing Viaplay TV, the company is set to offer an exclusive selection of sports content, curating a mix that includes live broadcasts of significant sporting events and highlights of performances by Dutch athletes on the global stage. This approach not only broadens Viaplay’s reach but also strengthens its connection with the Dutch audience by showcasing local heroes like Max Verstappen in Formula 1, Nathan Aké in football, and Michael van Gerwen in darts.

This strategic move by Viaplay and Talpa is expected to significantly impact the sports broadcasting landscape in the Netherlands. By making premium sports events more accessible to a broader audience, they are not only enhancing the value of their respective platforms but also enriching the sports culture in the country. Fans will have the luxury of experiencing a diverse range of sports content without the need for a subscription, a development that promises to bring the thrill of live sports to more Dutch households than ever before.