President of LaLiga: 'Greenwood? If we judged everything, we wouldn't have teams'

Javier Tebas emphasized that the Getafe winger, loaned until the end of the season by Manchester United, 'has not been convicted' in England for violating and assaulting a woman.

President of LaLiga: 'Greenwood? If we judged everything, we wouldn't have teams'
Photo Source: Getty Images

Javier Tebas, the president of LaLiga, has openly expressed his indifference towards Mason Greenwood's controversial past, voicing strong support for the English winger's continued presence in Spanish football.

Greenwood, who has been loaned by Manchester United to Getafe for the upcoming season, has found a semblance of success and redemption in Spain, according to Tebas.

"He's doing very well at Getafe, and I hope he continues to be successful and remains in Spanish football because it's always good for us. He's just another player. He has a history, but we can't do anything about that. He was declared innocent and not convicted. We can't judge everything; if we did, we wouldn't have teams anymore. I'm a lawyer, so it's important to say that he wasn't convicted. He was cleared here [in the UK], so I'm not interested," Tebas remarked during the "Financial Times Business of Football Summit."

This statement comes in the backdrop of Greenwood's arrest in January 2022, amid allegations of rape and assault, which were accompanied by the circulation of incriminating images and videos on social media. Despite being released on bail in February and facing potential legal challenges including a re-arrest in October for purportedly breaching bail conditions and a scheduled trial in November 2023 the charges against Greenwood were eventually dropped.

Greenwood's career at Manchester United was temporarily derailed by these accusations, leading to his suspension by the club, termination of sponsorship deals by brands like Nike, and his removal from EA Sports' FIFA 2022 game. Throughout his tenure with United, he amassed a total of 129 official appearances, contributing 35 goals and 10 assists.

Despite the turmoil and being linked with other top clubs like Barcelona and Atlético Madrid, reports suggest Greenwood harbors a desire for a "second chance" at Old Trafford, contingent on the club's willingness to reintegrate him.

In his current stint at Getafe, Greenwood has shown promising signs of a career revival, scoring seven goals and delivering five assists across 25 matches, highlighting his potential value to Spanish football and igniting discussions on redemption, second chances, and the intersection of legal and ethical judgments within the sport.