Priske had no contact with Slot and wants players to 'bleed' for Feyenoord

Brian Priske wants to form his own impression of Feyenoord before possibly seeking advice from Arne Slot. In his first press conference, the new coach shared what Rotterdam fans can expect from his team.

Priske had no contact with Slot and wants players to 'bleed' for Feyenoord
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Priske is pleased with how Slot has left the club. "It feels good to follow him. I want to wish Arne all the best in Liverpool. I have seen his work here, and he has done well in every aspect. He deserves a big step. I also need to thank him for the foundation he has laid: a well-organized team and many staff members who have been working at 1908 (training complex) for a long time."

The 47-year-old Dane has not spoken to Slot about Feyenoord. "Honestly, he contacted the club and said that I can always call him. I will certainly do that, but I want to form my own impression of the players, staff members, and the club before I get in touch with Arne."

Priske can build on the work of his predecessor in Rotterdam. According to him, their playing ideas are similar. "I want to dominate matches, attack, play good football, and make sure people enjoy themselves when they come to De Kuip. It is important that the team fully commits: I want to see players sweat for the logo, bleed for it, and give everything on the field. The fans need to see that we want to give them what they expect. That's what football is ultimately about: leaving everything on the field."

Priske further explained how he plans to achieve this attractive football. "We need to have structure and a good defensive mindset, as far away from the goal as possible. With high pressing and aggressive play. That's why the physical aspect is so important at Feyenoord. We train our players to be able to play that way for ninety minutes."

His son August played a season in the PSV youth team, which appears to be Feyenoord's biggest competitor for the upcoming season. However, Priske did not want to state his ambitions yet. "It is July 3rd and too early to talk about that. Looking back at last season, I don't remember the exact number of points we earned, but in many years that would have been enough for the title. For whatever reason, PSV earned more points and became champions. Therefore, it is difficult to say when I would be satisfied."

Priske did not comment on questions about players who might leave. "I am not afraid of that. It is part of football. It is up to me, the staff, and the management to prepare the team in the best way possible if players suddenly leave," said the Dane, who mentioned that he recently spoke with Lutsharel Geertruida about the national team and with David Hancko about his future. "Of course, he said something about it, but I cannot share that with you."

In addition to these comments, Priske emphasized the importance of maintaining the momentum and culture that Slot established. He acknowledged the expectations of Feyenoord fans and the club's rich history. "Feyenoord has a legacy of passionate supporters and a tradition of excellence. It’s crucial to honor that legacy by playing with heart and determination."

Priske's approach is methodical and thoughtful, ensuring that he builds on the existing strengths while bringing his own vision to the team. He understands the significance of the upcoming season and the fierce competition they will face. His experience and calm demeanor suggest a steady hand at the helm, guiding Feyenoord through the challenges ahead.

As preparations for the new season intensify, Priske's leadership will be tested, but his clear vision and commitment to hard work have already set a positive tone. Fans and analysts alike will be watching closely to see how he shapes the team's fortunes and whether he can lead Feyenoord to new heights in both domestic and European competitions.