RKC Director Van Mosselveld Provides Update on Responsive Vaessen

Frank van Mosselveld, on behalf of RKC, has provided an update on the situation surrounding goalkeeper Etienne Vaessen. The general director of the Waalwijkers appeared late Saturday evening in front of the NOS camera.

RKC Director Van Mosselveld Provides Update on Responsive Vaessen
Photo Source: Getty Images

Etienne is conscious, at the very least. He was taken to the hospital twenty minutes ago. It had a huge impact on the other players. Etienne was really out for a while. A big compliment to the medical people who followed the protocol and started resuscitating immediately. For the bystanders, it's quite a shock. You might then think of a heart problem. At least it doesn't seem like that now. He collided with the foot or knee of Brobbey, on his head."

"Etienne went completely out. The fright is definitely there, but when he left the field he was already conscious. It just looked quite serious with the sheets and screens. Etienne is now in the hospital to have scans done. Let's hope that no serious issues are found there."

"I was in the dressing room with him and his wife had come from their house. She was also in the dressing room. The medics were performing their work. Etienne was responsive but had no idea where he was and what had happened."

Vaessen went down in the final stages of the match with Ajax. There was immediate widespread panic. Medical staff came onto the field and players from RKC and Ajax tried to help by shielding the situation. Vaessen was then brought inside on a stretcher and, after treatment in the dressing room, was taken to the hospital by ambulance.