Roma shares positive update on Ndicka following scare in Udine

AS Roma defender Evan Ndicka is doing well under the circumstances, reports his employer. The Ivorian became unwell during the Serie A match against Udinese on Sunday evening, after which the game was halted.

Roma shares positive update on Ndicka following scare in Udine
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Evan Ndicka's alarming collapse during the 71st minute of the Serie A match against Udinese caused immediate concern when he signaled discomfort around his heart area.

Medical personnel rushed to his aid, assessing his condition on the pitch before he was stretchered off and taken to a nearby hospital for urgent care.

The gravity of the situation led to the suspension of the match as the Roma team was deeply affected by the incident and declared unable to continue playing. The match was subsequently postponed to be completed at a later date, as confirmed by Roma officials.

Later that evening, Roma reassured fans and the public through a statement indicating that Ndicka was stable and responding well to the medical attention. The club's official Instagram account shared updates, noting, "The entire squad has visited Ndicka in the hospital, and he is now feeling much better. Ndicka will remain in the hospital for further examination. Forza Evan." This message underscored the team's solidarity and concern for their teammate.

Further clarifications from hospital evaluations revealed that Ndicka had not suffered a heart attack as initially feared. Instead, he had sustained injuries to his ribcage from an earlier collision with an opponent during the match. This information provided some relief regarding his condition, as the concern had initially been for a more severe cardiac event.

Ndicka, an Ivorian international celebrated for his role in his nation's recent Africa Cup of Nations victory in February, has been a vital asset to Roma since his free transfer from Eintracht Frankfurt in the summer of 2023. His performance throughout the season has been commendable, with 27 official appearances for the club, demonstrating his importance on the field and his quick integration into the team dynamics.

The incident not only highlighted the risks associated with professional sports but also the swift response and support systems in place within top-level football to handle such emergencies. As Ndicka recovers, the focus will remain on his health and the careful monitoring of his condition to ensure a safe return to football when he is fully ready.