Roma thrives under De Rossi: 'Mourinho? I don't like comparisons'

Daniele De Rossi has got AS Roma playing. The upcoming opponent of Feyenoord in the Europa League recorded their third consecutive victory on Monday. 'This is a strong team.'

Roma thrives under De Rossi: 'Mourinho? I don't like comparisons'
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The recent resurgence of AS Roma under the guidance of Daniele De Rossi has become a significant talking point in the world of football.

This resurgence was highlighted by their recent convincing win over Cagliari, a victory largely attributed to Dean Huijsen's first goal for the team. This win is not an isolated incident; it follows a string of successful performances by Roma, including victories over Hellas Verona and Salernitana. These series of wins are particularly notable, considering that the last time a mid-season Roma coach achieved such a feat was Herbert Burgess back in 1929.

This streak of victories has dramatically improved Roma's standing in the league, bringing them within just one point of Atalanta, who currently holds the fourth position. At a recent press conference, De Rossi tactfully navigated questions comparing his approach to that of his predecessor, José Mourinho. De Rossi expressed his disinterest in drawing comparisons, emphasizing the importance of focusing on upcoming games rather than dwelling on past management styles.

The next challenge for Roma is indeed a formidable one, with a match scheduled against league leaders Internazionale at the iconic Stadio Olimpico. This match-up is set to be a litmus test for De Rossi's revitalized Roma. In contrast to Mourinho, who often cited a lack of creativity in his squad, De Rossi has shown a robust confidence in his players. He has communicated to them his belief in their abilities and has encouraged them to have more self-belief. De Rossi's positive reinforcement seems to have fostered a strong team spirit and a sense of confidence that was perhaps lacking before.

However, not everything in the Roma camp is perfect. De Rossi expressed frustration over the conduct of Leandro Paredes and Romelu Lukaku, who were drawn into a needless confrontation with Yerri Mina during the final phase of the game against Cagliari. De Rossi criticized this behavior as foolish, especially since the team was already leading. He stressed the importance of maintaining composure and not reacting impulsively in such situations, acknowledging that the team cannot afford to lose key players to suspensions or injuries due to such incidents.

Overall, the atmosphere in Roma is one of cautious optimism. There is a renewed sense of hope and excitement among fans and players alike. The upcoming match against Internazionale will be a crucial test for De Rossi's Roma. It will not only challenge their tactical and physical capabilities but also their mental resilience and ability to maintain discipline under pressure. The result of this match could very well set the tone for the remainder of their season.