Sampdoria squad suffered food poisoning before the derby

Players and technical staff had lunch together at a restaurant, and on the day of the game against Spezia, many people fell ill with stomach issues.

Sampdoria squad suffered food poisoning before the derby
Photo Source: Getty Images

The Sampdoria preparations for their derby against Spezia in the Italian second division were severely disrupted due to an outbreak of food poisoning.

The incident, which unfolded just before the Saturday match, saw a 0-0 draw under challenging conditions for the team. Fabio Depaoli, initially slated to be in the starting lineup, was adversely affected and found himself relegated to the bench. During the match, his condition forced him to make urgent trips to the bathroom, highlighting the severity of the situation.

The impact of the food poisoning was extensive, with several key players, including Gerard Yepes, Daniele Ghilardi, Antonio Barreca, and Andrea Conti, being unable to participate in the game at all. This left Sampdoria's coach, Andrea Pirlo, with a depleted squad and limited options for fielding his preferred lineup.

In the aftermath of the game, Pirlo spoke to the media, confirming that the food poisoning had affected multiple players and members of the technical staff. This incident not only disrupted their match preparations but also posed significant health concerns for those affected.

Further investigations revealed by Il Secolo XIX indicated that the team had dined together at a local restaurant on Friday, where they likely contracted dysentery, an infection of the intestines resulting from either bacterial or parasitic infections. This unfortunate event sheds light on the risks associated with food safety, particularly concerning sports teams whose performance can be dramatically impacted by such health issues.

The incident at Sampdoria underscores the importance of strict dietary management and health precautions in professional sports, where teams often have rigorous schedules and are frequently on the move. Ensuring the safety and well-being of players is crucial, not only for their health but also for maintaining competitive integrity in sports.