Schouten gets acquainted with the 43 formations of Arsenal

The main question at the press conference was: shouldn't PSV have adapted more to Arsenal? Midfielder Jerdy Schouten argued after the heavy defeat in London that it wouldn't have made much of a difference and explained why that was the case.

Schouten gets acquainted with the 43 formations of Arsenal
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Before the Champions League match against PSV, we seized upon a statement from Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta to analyze the Gunners' team. Arteta had claimed that his team had played in 43 different formations against Manchester City. Remarkably, that unique statement turned out to be accurate.

The strength of Arsenal partly lies in their on-field versatility. 'They have a very good team; if we adjust, they adjust as well,' Schouten said about the first opponent in the group stage of the Champions League. 'It's not like they do one thing, and if we catch on and counter it, they keep doing that. No, they change immediately, and we found that very challenging.'

For Schouten, after such a defeat, the main thing is to keep the group united. 'It was quite silent in the dressing room. You shouldn't get too caught up in emotions and complain because everyone is upset. You could see that as a collective, we were always just a split second late to the ball. On the field, it can feel like you're being outplayed, although I don't think that was always the case. We also showed some good things,' the Champions League debutant concluded on a positive note.