Sergio Rico on the verge of returning to PSG after nine months

Goalkeeper awaits medical clearance to return to training. He fell off a horse in May 2023 and later suffered a cerebral aneurysm.

Sergio Rico on the verge of returning to PSG after nine months
Photo Source: Getty Images

Spanish goalkeeper Sergio Rico is set to make a remarkable return to Paris Saint-Germain after a challenging nine-month hiatus from football.

The player's journey back to professional sports comes after a severe accident on May 28, 2023, when he suffered a fall from a horse that led to a cerebral aneurysm, a life-threatening condition that required immediate medical attention.

The gravity of Rico's condition was such that he was placed in an induced coma for 26 days to manage the cranioencephalic trauma resulting from the fall. This critical period was crucial for his recovery, allowing his body to heal under closely monitored medical care.

Despite the severity of his injuries and the complexities of his recovery, Rico has shown extraordinary resilience and determination. Over the 82 days he spent hospitalized, Rico faced significant physical challenges, including a dramatic weight loss of 19 kilos (approximately 42 pounds). Remarkably, he has since regained 15 kilos (about 33 pounds) of that weight, a testament to his strength and dedication to return to his peak physical condition.

According to reports from The Athletic, Rico is now on the cusp of receiving medical clearance to resume training with PSG, a significant milestone in his recovery journey. This clearance is eagerly anticipated in the coming days, marking the final hurdle before Rico can step back onto the pitch and continue his professional career.

Sergio Rico's impending return to PSG is not just a personal victory for him but also an inspiring story of human resilience and the power of modern medical science. His teammates, the club, and fans are undoubtedly looking forward to welcoming him back, not only for his skills as a goalkeeper but also for the incredible courage he has demonstrated throughout his recovery process. Rico's story serves as an inspiration to many, highlighting the challenges athletes can overcome with determination, support, and advanced medical care.