Supertalent and high school student: 'Yesterday, I still did homework'

The star of Warren Zaïre-Emery is on the rise, but the seventeen-year-old midfielder of Paris Saint-Germain still diligently does his homework amidst his obligations as a professional footballer.

Supertalent and high school student: 'Yesterday, I still did homework'
Photo Source: Getty Images

Zaïre-Emery, after his breakthrough at PSG, has been called up for France for the first time and would become the youngest debutant in the French national team since 1914 if he plays against Gibraltar or Greece. However, the talent remains grounded and also fulfills his obligations as a high school student as best as possible.

Naturally, WZE - as his nickname goes - cannot attend school as often as his peers, but he remains a diligent student. "For example, yesterday I did my Spanish homework," Zaïre-Emery said during a press moment on Thursday. "I do my homework when I have time and try to do both as well as possible."

His teammates at PSG have already dubbed the talented teenager The Robot, because of the way he is dedicated to his profession as a professional footballer. And at home, Zaïre-Emery doesn't like to be idle. "When I go home, I don't just sit around, play games, or hang out outside. I don't think that's good for me."

And he takes the press moment with the French national team very seriously. "I consider this as a practice for my exam," revealed Zaïre-Emery, who was flattered by the media attention. "According to my family, sometimes there is a bit too much talk about me, but I find it flattering. I feel good and am at ease."