The first reinforcement for Mourinho has already been announced by Fenerbahçe

Fenerbahçe has made its first major move for the upcoming season under the leadership of José Mourinho by signing 23-year-old midfielder Levent Mercan from Karagumruk for approximately 1 million euros.

The first reinforcement for Mourinho has already been announced by Fenerbahçe
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Fenerbahçe has announced the first reinforcement for the new season, in which José Mourinho will be the key figure: the Turkish club has secured Levent Mercan, a 23-year-old midfielder who played for Karagumruk, for approximately 1 million euros.

Mercan, known for his versatility and playmaking abilities, has signed a contract valid for four seasons, bringing fresh talent and potential to the squad. His arrival is seen as a strategic move to strengthen the midfield and provide Mourinho with more options.

In addition to the first signing, Fenerbahçe also announced the contract renewal of Mert Yandas, one of the team captains, for another two seasons. Yandas, a pivotal figure in the team, has shown consistent performance and leadership on the field. His extension is a testament to the club’s confidence in his abilities and his importance in maintaining team stability and experience.

The squad begins the new season this Saturday with medical examinations in Istanbul. These initial medical tests are crucial to ensure that all players are in peak physical condition before the rigorous training sessions and matches commence. The medical staff will conduct comprehensive assessments, including fitness tests and injury evaluations, to prepare the team for the challenges ahead.

Fenerbahçe's management and fans are eagerly looking forward to the new season, with high expectations under the guidance of José Mourinho. The club aims to compete strongly in both domestic and international competitions, building a formidable team capable of achieving significant success. The addition of new talent like Levent Mercan and the retention of key players like Mert Yandas are steps towards realizing these ambitions.

The upcoming season is set to be an exciting period for Fenerbahçe, with new strategies, renewed vigor, and the expertise of a seasoned manager in José Mourinho. As preparations kick off in Istanbul, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation and optimism, marking the beginning of what could be a transformative era for the club.