The French fear the absolute leader Van Dijk: 'He scares all strikers away'

William Saliba was one of the best defenders in the Premier League this season. With Arsenal, the Frenchman, who is now part of the national team, had an incredible year. However, he still saw a better player, notably with opponents Netherlands.

The French fear the absolute leader Van Dijk: 'He scares all strikers away'
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In an openhearted interview with L’Équipe, William Saliba revealed which player in the world he admires the most.

And it is none other than the captain of the Dutch national team, Virgil van Dijk. According to the Frenchman, his opponent in the European Championship is the man everyone should look up to. "Van Dijk has that natural presence," Saliba remarked.

"He is the boss," Saliba said clearly about the Liverpool defender. There is a lot of respect for the veteran. "You can sense that he intimidates the strikers. And I want to start feeling the same way."

Saliba feels that this is gradually happening. "I am not someone who talks a lot, but I think I am among the top three defenders in the Premier League, behind Van Dijk. I am making progress and becoming one of the leaders."

Saliba's admiration for Van Dijk stems from the Dutch defender's commanding presence and leadership on the field. Van Dijk's ability to dominate in defense, his physical prowess, and his composure under pressure make him a standout figure. Saliba aspires to emulate these qualities, recognizing the impact they have on both his team and his opponents.

In addition to his praise for Van Dijk, Saliba also highlighted the importance of continuous improvement and leadership in his role. "I am making progress and becoming one of the leaders," he stated, indicating his ambition to rise to the top of his profession. This season with Arsenal has been a testament to Saliba's development, and his performances have earned him recognition as one of the best defenders in the league.

On June 21, the Netherlands will face the vice-world champion France in what promises to be a thrilling encounter. Van Dijk will then try to eliminate the favorite and challenge Saliba. This match will not only be a test of skill and strategy but also a personal challenge for Saliba as he faces the player he admires most. It will be an opportunity for him to measure himself against one of the best and to continue his journey toward becoming a top defender.

As the European Championship approaches, fans and analysts alike will be watching this clash closely. The encounter between Saliba and Van Dijk will be a highlight, showcasing the talents of two of the Premier League's finest defenders. For Saliba, it is a chance to prove himself on the international stage and to take another step in his quest for excellence.