The tension rises between Vitor Roque and Barcelona

André Cury addressed the current situation of the young Brazilian forward in the Catalan team, in an episode that promises to generate a lot of discussion.

The tension rises between Vitor Roque and Barcelona
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The tension between Vitor Roque and Barcelona has come to a head. Speaking to the microphones of 'RAC1,' the agent of the young Brazilian forward explained the current situation of the player at the Catalan club, opening another chapter that promises to generate much controversy.

"I think Vitor Roque needs to have more minutes. No one understands why they don't give him minutes. Xavi [the coach] never spoke to the player, I also don't understand this situation, it's not good for either side. The boy has to work, work more, and wait for the opportunity. But, in my opinion, I think there have already been many, many games where he could have had those minutes. At this moment, he is very strong mentally and physically. It is obvious that he is a little excited to prove his worth because the club and the press are saying a lot of nonsense. They speak badly, say things that are not true. All of this doesn't help, it goes against. Look at what happened with Vinicius at Real Madrid, it took two seasons to play. Here at Barcelona, in two months, there is already confusion. People want to kill instead of help," said André Cury.

The agent went even further in the comments he made about the Blaugrana club. "We have already spoken with Deco. We chose Barça when we had other options for double the money. I am sure Vitor will be a great player, but if Barça does not let him, we will have to find another solution. Either the player stays to get minutes and prove his worth or, if the club decides he cannot stay, he will be sold. There are interested teams, many. I don't know what will happen. The club never told me anything. In my opinion, they can give him more minutes. Xavi gives them to Fermín, Cubarsí, Lamine... and not to Vitor. I don't know how to explain it, he is the coach," he said.

To conclude, André Cury was very incisive in the criticism he made of coach Xavi Hernández. "I don't understand how it makes sense to bring a kid from Brazil, play him on the first day he arrives, and then not play him anymore. Against PSG, goals were needed, not assists. If Xavi doesn't see things that way, so be it. If they want to continue with Xavi, I have no opinion on that. I have to take care of Vitor. And if the club doesn't give him space, unfortunately, we will have to find a solution. And it will never be a loan, because that is very dangerous for Vitor's career. The best thing would be for him to stay at Barça, but if that is not possible, we will sit down with the president and Deco. In Brazil, Vitor was being called up to the national team, now he is out because he doesn't play. We chose to come to Barcelona for him to play," he concluded.

It should be noted that Vitor Roque - also known as "tigrinho" - arrived at Barcelona during the winter transfer window from Athletico Paranaense. At the moment, the 19-year-old striker has scored two goals in the 13 matches he has played for the culés.