There is too much talk about refereeing, I don't like that

Isco is not a fan of VAR, as he made clear after the match against Real Madrid. The playmaker of Real Betis didn't mean that as criticism, but rather as a way to protect the referees.

There is too much talk about refereeing, I don't like that
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The match was marked by numerous VAR interventions, leading to some decisions being heavily scrutinized. 

Isco expressed his dissatisfaction with the way VAR is impacting football. "I don't like the current dynamics in football," Isco remarked after the game. "Football is a beautiful game, so we shouldn't waste time discussing whether the referee made the right calls or not."

"There's too much talk about refereeing, and I don't like that. We need to complain less. With all these cameras and VAR... I think VAR in its current form doesn't work well because it puts every referee's mistake under a microscope," Isco added, voicing his concern over the technology's impact on the flow and spirit of the game.

Real Betis managed to hold Real Madrid, Isco's former club, to a 1-1 draw. He commented on the result, saying, "It's a fair outcome. We've managed to build a stronghold here. Hopefully, we can continue like this. It's necessary if we want to achieve our goals." Isco's comments reflect a growing sentiment among players and fans about the influence of technology in football, particularly how it affects the natural pace and enjoyment of the game.