Today I am happy, but not like in Germany

The PSG signing in the summer transfer window of 2023 states that he was happier when he played for Eintracht Frankfurt.

Today I am happy, but not like in Germany
Photo Source: Getty Images

The transfer of Kolo Muani to Paris Saint-Germain from Eintracht Frankfurt on the final day of the 2023 summer transfer window has been a significant moment in the young French international's career.

His move to one of Europe's elite clubs marked a new chapter, bringing both high expectations and intense scrutiny. In his candid discussion with "Onze Mondial," Muani navigated through his initial experiences at PSG, juxtaposing them against his time in Germany, where he felt a profound sense of belonging and on-field satisfaction.

Muani's reflections reveal a nuanced understanding of the challenges and pressures that come with playing for a top-tier club like PSG. The sense of fulfillment he experienced in Germany stemmed from a confidence both on and off the field, a sentiment he's been striving to replicate in Paris. Despite his happiness with the move, Muani acknowledged that the transition has not been without its difficulties, particularly regarding the critical feedback from fans and media.

Criticism, as Muani pointed out, is an integral part of professional sports. It can serve as a catalyst for growth and improvement if approached with the right mindset. Muani's response to the critiques has been mature and introspective, focusing on personal and professional development rather than dwelling on negative feedback. This approach underscores his resilience and determination to succeed at PSG, despite the initial cultural and professional shock.

The impact of Muani's transfer extended beyond the pitch, affecting his personal life as he adjusted to the heightened attention and expectations in Paris. His strategy for coping with the pressures of his new environment—spending quality time with family and limiting digital distractions—highlights the importance of mental health and well-being for athletes.

Muani's journey at PSG is a testament to the complexities of modern football, where talent and performance are intricately linked with media scrutiny, fan expectations, and personal adaptation to new environments. As Muani continues to navigate his career at PSG, his experiences offer valuable insights into the challenges faced by footballers moving between leagues and cultures, emphasizing the role of mental resilience, adaptability, and the support of loved ones in achieving success.