Toni Kroos announces return to Germany with eyes on Euro 2024

Kroos returns to the national team three years after his international retirement, which came after Germany was eliminated in the Round of 16 of Euro 2020, held in 2021.

Toni Kroos announces return to Germany with eyes on Euro 2024
Photo Source: Getty Images

Toni Kroos, the esteemed midfielder from Real Madrid, has made a significant announcement regarding his return to the German national team, three years after he initially stepped away.

This comeback is strategically timed as Germany gears up for the European Championship, which it will host in the summer of 2024. Kroos's decision to return to international football in March is driven by his belief in the national team's potential to achieve more in the upcoming European Championship than many might anticipate.

In a concise yet impactful message shared on social media, the 34-year-old midfielder expressed his reasons for the return, highlighting an invitation from the national team coach, his own readiness to contribute, and his optimism about the team's prospects. Accompanying his announcement was a symbolic photo of Kroos, viewed from behind, donning the German national team jersey, a clear nod to his renewed commitment to represent his country.

Kroos's illustrious international career includes participating in 106 matches for Germany, with his role in the 2014 World Cup being particularly memorable. He was a key player in Germany's triumph in Brazil, which was marked by the unforgettable 7-1 victory against the host nation in the semi-finals. His return to the "Mannschaft" comes after his departure following the team's exit from the last European Championship in the round of 16 against England.

The possibility of Kroos's return had been a topic of speculation, and when Julian Nagelsmann, the German national team coach, was questioned about it on a TV show, he found the idea intriguing. Nagelsmann's comments suggested openness to Kroos's inclusion in the team, emphasizing that Kroos, being a German citizen, is welcome to prove his readiness. The coach remarked on the potential for Kroos to be called up if he demonstrates he is in top form.

Looking ahead, Nagelsmann is set to announce the squad for two upcoming friendlies on March 15th. These matches, against France in Paris on March 23rd and the Netherlands in Frankfurt three days later, will serve as critical preparation for the European Championship. Kroos's return to the national team adds an exciting dimension to Germany's build-up to the tournament, bringing his experience, skill, and leadership back into the fold at a time when the team aims to capitalize on its home advantage in the Euro 2024.