Troyes suspends four players for throwing fireworks at their own fans

Troyes has suspended four players. The struggling Ligue 2 club announced this in an official statement on Wednesday. The players in question came under scrutiny last Friday for throwing fireworks back into the crowd.

Troyes suspends four players for throwing fireworks at their own fans
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Troyes, a French football club, is grappling with the stark reality of potentially facing a second consecutive relegation.

After finishing near the bottom of Ligue 1 last season, they now find themselves in a precarious position in Ligue 2, sitting seven points below the safety line. This troubling performance has understandably led to a growing wave of frustration and dissatisfaction among their supporters.

The tension reached a peak during a recent match against Valenciennes, where agitated fans expressed their discontent by hurling fireworks onto the pitch. The situation escalated when some players from Troyes, upset by the disturbance, retaliated by throwing the fireworks back into the stands. This reaction led to immediate consequences from the club's management. In a public statement, the club expressed disappointment and concern, emphasizing the danger of the players' actions and announcing their suspension. "These players have been suspended," the declaration stated. "We were disappointed to see that four players threw back several smoke bombs. It should be clear that this was dangerous."

In addition to disciplining the players, Troyes has taken measures against the fans involved in the incident. The club has launched an internal investigation, utilizing camera footage to identify nine individuals responsible for the disruptive behavior. These identified fans face severe penalties, including the invalidation of their season passes and tickets, a maximum stadium ban, and their details being forwarded to the local police for further action.

The controversy and subsequent actions have had a ripple effect on the club's schedule and the conduct of its fans. The match in question was halted just minutes before its conclusion, with the score tied at 1-1. The decision on how to resolve this interrupted match will be made on May 17th. Meanwhile, the repercussions for fan behavior continue to affect the club's logistics and fan engagement. In a decisive move, the club has prohibited its supporters from traveling to the upcoming away game against Laval. Moreover, the final match of the season at their home stadium against Annecy FC will be played in an eerily empty stadium, as no fans will be allowed to attend.

These developments signal a critical moment for Troyes as they navigate through these challenges. The club's management is undoubtedly under pressure to restore order and morale as they strive to avoid relegation and rebuild their reputation among both fans and the broader football community.