Underdog team Girona: 'We have done La Liga a favor'

Girona is not a one-hit wonder, as became clear once again on Sunday evening. Coach Míchel praised his team after the impressive victory over Barcelona.

Underdog team Girona: 'We have done La Liga a favor'
Photo Source: Getty Images

Girona's unexpected rise to the top of La Liga has been one of the most captivating stories of the season. 

With a comfortable lead over traditional powerhouses like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atlético Madrid, they have defied the odds and expectations. Míchel, the team's coach, expressed both pride and surprise at the team's achievements. "We have already surpassed our initial goals," he noted, emphasizing that the team's primary objective was not necessarily to win the title, but to perform well and make a mark.

Míchel's cautious approach to the rest of the season reflects the understanding of the challenges ahead. He acknowledges the gap in experience and resources when compared to teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid. However, the historic nature of this season for Girona is not lost on him or the fans. The team's success has brought joy and pride to the entire province, marking a significant milestone in their football history.

The comparison to Leicester City's fairy tale Premier League win in 2016 is unavoidable. Like Leicester, Girona is challenging the status quo and proving that with teamwork, strategy, and determination, even underdogs can dream big. Míchel's focus now is on maintaining the team's form, managing expectations, and ensuring that they continue to compete at the highest level. The coach's pragmatic approach suggests a deep understanding of the long and challenging journey still ahead in the season. But for now, Girona's achievements have already etched their name in La Liga's history books, and they have become a beacon of hope and inspiration for smaller clubs dreaming of glory.