Vinícius Júnior reacts to Brazil's elimination: 'This time, it's my fault'

The Real Madrid winger missed the Copa América quarterfinal match against Uruguay after receiving 'two avoidable yellow cards' in the group stage.

Vinícius Júnior reacts to Brazil's elimination: 'This time, it's my fault'
Photo Source: Getty Images

Vinícius Júnior took to social media this Tuesday to react to Brazil's elimination in the Copa América quarterfinals, following a penalty shootout defeat to Uruguay (0-1), apologizing for missing the match due to suspension.

"End of the Copa América and time to reflect, to learn how to deal with defeat. The feeling of frustration takes over once again. Again in penalties. I failed by receiving two avoidable yellow cards. I watched the elimination from the sidelines once more. But this time, it's my fault. I apologize for that. I know how to listen to criticism and, believe me, the harshest ones come from home. Fortunately, my journey with the national team is just beginning. Alongside my teammates, I will have the opportunity to bring our team back to where it deserves to be. We will return to the top! I love you all and let's go together," he wrote in an Instagram post.

It should be noted that the 23-year-old Real Madrid winger received yellow cards in two group stage matches, against Paraguay (a 4-1 victory) and Colombia (a 1-1 draw), leaving him out of the match against Uruguay, who will face Colombia in the Copa América quarterfinals (early Thursday morning at 1:00 AM).

Vinícius Júnior's absence was keenly felt during the quarterfinal clash, as his dynamic presence on the field has been pivotal for Brazil. Known for his explosive speed and technical skills, his contributions have often turned the tide in crucial matches. The frustration he expressed is shared by many fans who had high hopes for Brazil's performance in the tournament.

The young winger's acknowledgment of his mistakes and his commitment to improving resonates deeply with the supporters. His promise to help the national team rise again is a testament to his dedication and resilience. As he reflects on this experience, Vinícius aims to learn and grow, turning this setback into a stepping stone for future success.

Brazil's campaign in the Copa América has been marked by ups and downs, with moments of brilliance overshadowed by critical lapses. The team's early exit is a disappointment, but the players, including Vinícius, are determined to come back stronger. The upcoming matches and tournaments will be crucial for Brazil to rebuild and reestablish themselves as a dominant force in South American football.

Vinícius Júnior’s journey with the national team is indeed just beginning, and his potential to lead Brazil to greater heights remains undiminished. Fans eagerly await his return to the pitch, confident that he will bring renewed energy and drive to the squad.