We no longer have it in our own hands, but who does?

Jürgen Klopp is bracing himself for the remainder of the season. Liverpool can still become champions, but it's no longer in their own hands.

We no longer have it in our own hands, but who does?
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As the Premier League season approaches its climax, Liverpool, led by Jürgen Klopp, finds itself in a high-stakes situation, neck-and-neck with Arsenal at 74 points, while Manchester City lurks just behind with 73 points and an additional game yet to be played.

This tight race puts Liverpool in a position where they are no longer masters of their own destiny, relying instead on potential missteps from their closest rivals. "It's true, we no longer control our fate, but then again, who really does? Historically, perhaps only Manchester City has felt that way. I believe we're exactly where we need to be, and now we must capitalize on that," Klopp elaborated during a press conference.

Klopp also emphasized the broader goals for the season, noting the significance of securing a spot in the Champions League, which he views as the season's primary achievement. "The main goal was always Champions League qualification. We had a couple of weeks where we performed beyond expectations, followed by a less impressive period. The key is maintaining the right mindset for each upcoming game," he explained.

Reflecting on recent matches, Klopp discussed the mixed reactions to their performances. Despite a victory against Atalanta in European competition and a solid win over Fulham in the league, the responses from fans and critics alike have been mixed. "After the Atalanta game, it seemed like our victory was underestimated, and despite a strong win against Fulham, I heard complaints about our play. It makes you realize the intensity and pressure of Premier League play, which is something you have to experience to fully understand," Klopp noted, expressing a desire for more recognition of the challenges his team faces.

Klopp remains optimistic about Liverpool's prospects and their approach to the remainder of the season. "I'm genuinely positive about our direction. Winning is what matters, and we have a clear understanding of what it takes to get those wins. Each game is a step, and our focus is sharp," he asserted. With the league's end drawing near, every match becomes critical, and Liverpool's strategy under Klopp's guidance is to keep pushing forward, aiming to seize every opportunity that comes their way, regardless of the pressure and expectations.