Werder Bremen removes Keïta from the squad after 'unacceptable' action

Naby Keïta will no longer be part of Werder Bremen's squad this season. The midfielder refused to board the bus last weekend due to being a substitute.

Werder Bremen removes Keïta from the squad after 'unacceptable' action
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Naby Keïta's refusal to travel with Werder Bremen for the match against Bayer Leverkusen has sparked a significant controversy within the club.

The midfielder's decision came as a shock, especially given that he has only recently joined the team. Werder Bremen has taken stern measures by excluding the 29-year-old from the squad, prohibiting him from participating in team trainings, and denying him access to the locker room.

Clemens Fritz, the head of football at Werder Bremen, expressed the club's stance through official channels, emphasizing that Keïta's behavior was not only disappointing but also disruptive. "Naby's actions are entirely unacceptable. He has not only disappointed his teammates but also jeopardized the unity and focus of our squad at a critical phase of the season," Fritz stated. The club feels that such behavior undermines the collective effort and discipline essential for success, leaving them no choice but to enforce these strict measures.

Since his transfer from Liverpool last summer, where he spent five productive years, Keïta's time in Germany has been marred by persistent injuries, limiting his appearances to just five games. This lack of playing time has added frustration for both the player and the club, complicating his integration into the team.

The future looks uncertain for Keïta at Werder Bremen. German media sources suggest that the club is considering terminating his contract prematurely, which is scheduled to run until 2026. This potential move would be drastic, reflecting the club's dwindling patience and the serious nature of his breach of team protocols. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how Keïta and Werder Bremen will navigate these turbulent waters and what the consequences will be for both parties involved.