Why Villa is wearing Man City shirts: 'Let's go to the Champions League, baby'

'Let's go to the Champions League, baby.' After the draw against Liverpool, goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez fired up the Aston Villa fans once more on Monday evening. They, like the players, will be watching television a day later.

Why Villa is wearing Man City shirts: 'Let's go to the Champions League, baby'
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Because if Tottenham Hotspur does not win against Manchester City, Aston Villa is assured of fourth place.

And a ticket to the most important club tournament in Europe. "Some of us have never even come close to the Champions League in our entire lives," captain John McGinn remarked to Sky Sports afterward. "Tomorrow we'll be wearing our Manchester City shirts."

Not everyone at Villa showed as much confidence as captain McGinn and goalkeeper Martínez, who seemed to have already forgotten about scoring his third own goal in the Premier League (a record). Manager Unai Emery also fired up the crowd by shouting "Up The Villa" into the microphone but spoke in more calming terms as well.

"We are not finished after today," said the man behind the success to the fans. "The last match, to finish off and to play in the Champions League, is on Sunday at Crystal Palace. It is very important for us, for the club, for the players, and for me."

This crucial moment for Aston Villa comes after a season full of ups and downs, with the team showing remarkable resilience and determination. Under Emery's guidance, Villa has improved significantly, climbing up the Premier League table and putting themselves in contention for a Champions League spot, a feat that seemed almost impossible at the beginning of the season.

The atmosphere at Villa Park has been electric, with fans rallying behind the team, inspired by the players' performances and the manager's leadership. The potential to secure a Champions League place is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved with the club, from the players and coaching staff to the supporters who have stood by the team through thick and thin.

As the decisive match against Crystal Palace approaches, the focus and preparation intensify. The players are well aware of the significance of this game, not only for their careers but also for the club's future. A place in the Champions League would not only bring financial benefits but also elevate the club's status in European football, attracting top talent and offering unforgettable experiences to the fans.

Emery's words resonate with everyone connected to Aston Villa, emphasizing the importance of finishing the job they started. The players are ready to give their all on the pitch, and the fans are prepared to offer unwavering support, creating an intimidating atmosphere for their opponents.

Sunday's match at Crystal Palace is set to be a thrilling encounter, with so much at stake for Aston Villa. The team knows that a victory would cement their place among Europe's elite, fulfilling a dream that many thought was out of reach. With determination, skill, and a united front, Aston Villa aims to make history and secure their place in the Champions League.